Warehouse Storage & Distribution Services

VL Logistic Co., Ltd has a chain of warehousing facilities for storing freight in transit and fulfilling customer distribution needs.

Our facilities total 18 in number and are strategically placed with location advantage in mind to optimize maximum savings on transportation and operational overheads.

Our warehouses serve as vital landmarks in the supply chain of major regional cargo routes, product assembly and order response mechanisms.

VL warehousing operations employ around 400 full time staff specializing in:

  • Further cargo processing
  • Unpacking, repacking, and reconciliation reporting,
  • Inventory management (with statistics visible to clients online),
  • Labeling,
  • Scanning,
  • Preparing and dispatching consignments for whatever direction by sea, road or rail.

We are able to draw upon the resources of our sister company, Condor Ltd, a leader in the security personnel and systems industry to ensure the safe and secure management of all our customers valuable commodities.