Sea Сontainer Traffic

VL Logistic is responsible for millions of units of cargo traffic moving in and out of the Russian Far East at any given point in time.

We stand by our experience of over 20 years in this specialty service and a reputation for reliability and professionalism that has seen our company grow exponentially in the past few years.

The highest quality services for ocean cargo shipments can be negotiated with VL to strike the best possible price/quality ratio for our valued customers as well as our business interests. 

Our sea-freight services extend towards Asia, Europe, America, Australia and inwards throughout Russia, including the Ukraine. We seek to uphold the highest levels of service regarding:

  • Logistical arrangements for shipments to Asia, Europe, America, Australia, within Russia and Ukraine including insurance and legal issues;
  • Certification of all cargo at ports with customs bodies
  • Portside handling (unloading/loading) and transportation to domestic warehousing facilities;
  • Rail, road, air, sea cargo container freight from Russian ports and from Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS);
  • Cargo insurance (fully comprehensive policies available)

Following is a listing of the container types VL Logistic ships from foreign ports to Russia: Click here to see all the ports