Liquid Cargo Transportation

VL Logistic Co.Ltd. is ready to offer a new service for its clients – BIG Red Flexitank™ System that satisfies the logistics needs of our customers, maintains the integrity of the container and is better able to withstand the demands of shipment by road, rail or sea.  

FLEXITANK is a packing system for liquid cargo transportation in 20 ft. containers. It includes a reservoir, containing from 18 to 24 thousands litres, plastics bulks with unique construction, safety airbags and jacket.  

BIG Red Flexitank™ is the first flexitank having an official accomodation to use for transpotaion unharmful chemical liquid cargos by Russian Railway Road. 

BIG Red Flexitank™ Transportation & Logistics Benefits:

  • Quick, simple fitting – saves loading time and costs
  • Easy to load and discharge without a forklift
  • Return loads not necessary
  • Compatible with most non-hazardous chemicals
  • Safely converts a 20' container into a 24 ton bulk liquid hauler
  • Egological safety materials

BIG Red Flexitank™ is made in the U.S.A. to ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing and quality control standards. Its materials and processes are put through rigorous testing, both internally and with globally recognized organizations and institutions. 

Technical specifications 

BIG Red Flexitank™ – the only one flexitank in the world with the reinforced tapes, intertwined with the external polypropylene shell of reservoir, for guaranteeing the supplemental strength. Unique design makes it possible to control the oscillating disturbances of liquid inside the reservoir and pressure on side walls of container, thus preventing its deformation.

  • The inner shell of reservoir from the patented polyethylene film into 356 microns is compatible both food and with the chemical nonagressive products.
  • The tensibility of polyethylene material reaches 750%.
  • With the high tensibility of inner layers, the carbon plastic tapes, intertwined into the external polypropylene shell form the durable body, which makes it possible to control the dynamics ofmaterials during the transportation.
  • The range of the dimensions of the flexitank reservoir varies from 18000 to 24000 liters.


BIG Red Flexitank™ is made in the USA on the own production enterprise of Environmental Packaging Technologies, Ltd. (EPT). Special attention company gives the reliability. Up-to-date technologies - guarantee of the high quality:

  • The automated highly technological production makes it possible to ensure the quality of production at the stably high level, excluding “human factor”
  • The special-purpose equipment and the patented methods of production considerably increase productivity and guarantee 100% quality control
  • Checking each prepared flexitank for the presence of microscopic cracks by the method of filling with special gas under the pressure with the use of the patented equipment.

On April 27, 2009; Pueblo, Colorado state, USA, BIG Red Flexitank™ successfully passed test AAR (Associations of American Railroads) for the collision.

On June 24, 2009; Pueblo, Colorado state, USA, BIG Red Flexitank™ successfully passed test AAR (Associations of American Railroads) for the vibrations.

On April 14, 2010; Koryazhma – Ufa city, Russia, BIG Red Flexitank™ successfully passed the experimental check according to the rules RZD, which includes a series of tests for the collision and experimental shipment along the route in 1500 km. maintained a series of high-speed collisions and path by railroad in 1500 km, after preserving load unharmed. Walls of both 20-foot containers, loaded with capacity of 30,480t, were undeformated.

BIG Red Flexitank™ is the only with written authorization from the Russian Railroad (RZD), to offer all intermodal options and competitive rail economics to the customers.

Enumeration of the transportable products

BIG Red Flexitank™ is possible to use for the shipment of the liquid cargoes.

The foodstuffs: vegetable oil, treacle, wine and winemakings material, concentrates of the syrups, juices and juice of the concenter, the fish oil, water, caramel dyes, olive oil, peanut oil, palm oil, oil from the rice bran, rape oil, corn oil, soybean oil, glucose, sorbitolol, liquid damp eggs, jam, soy sauce, others.  

Nonfood products: lignosulfonatemineral fertilizersbase oilsmineral oilsrape technical oil, biodizel, fatty acid, latex, glycerinammonium thiosulfate, emulsionsinks, polyoltransformer oils, water-soluble paints, lanolinepharmaceutical substancessilicate bond, optical brightening agent, shampoos, cleaning agents, paraffins, other nonagressive chemistry.