Company's mission

Providing clients with reliable and timely services for the transportation of goods in Russia and the world at a level that meets the highest professional and ethical standards.

Transport and logistics company VL Logistic was founded in 1999. During this time, we have accumulated a lot of experience in work, and we can safely say that we are your reliable expert in logistics. We are attentive to each client and are proud of long-term partnership.

Company values

  • First-class customer service - we promise a lot and fulfill a lot.
  • Always positive and friendly - we communicate openly, supporting each other.
  • Honesty - we build relationships on trust and responsibility.
  • There is always a way out - we find solutions to any problem.
  • Continuous personal growth - always learning and helping others.

Corporate strategic goal of the Company

  • Achieve sustainable SALES growth of at least 20% per year

We believe in:

  • employees - responsible, honest, professionally competent, capable of mutual assistance, trainees, capable of development;
  • resources - we are the owners of significant fixed assets (with a total value of about half a billion rubles), we have two fleets of vehicles at our disposal - our own containers and first-class cars, warehouse complexes
  • partners - our network of partnerships in the provision of forwarding services includes almost 2,000 companies throughout Russia and abroad.